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All About Hearing is based on the Central Coast in Erina, Kincumber, Gosford and Wyong. If you would like to make an appointment please fill in the form below and our clinician will contact you to arrange an appropriate day and time.


Hearing Services

We offer a range of hearing services with a special focus on children's hearing tests for toddlers and children 3 years and older on the Central Coast.

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Play Audiometry For Toddlers and Children

For 3 yrs and over. We use sounds at different volumes and pitches to test your child’s hearing. We also use a ‘Listen and Drop Game’ using toys such as 'blocks in the box'.

Conventional Audiometry

Generally from 7 yrs and over (depending on the individual child). Access to hearing acuity by requiring a specific response (such as hand-raising or button pushing).

Middle Ear Testing

For Toddlers and Children3 yrs and over. We assess the status of the middle ear system to identify a variety of middle ear problems.

Test Results Report

Test Results and Reports sent to GP, ENT, Speech Pathologist, Paediatrician, Australian Hearing Services (with parent/guardians written consent).

We are Offering Hearing Services

We offer a range of hearing services with a special focus on children 2 and 1/2 years and older.

Children’s Screening Tests
Work Place Industrial Audiometric Testing
Children’s Screening Tests

A children’s screening test is usually a preliminary step in which a child’s hearing is checked to see if further evaluation is required. In other words, a screening test is a quick and cost effective way to screen and…

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Latest News from Hearing Healthcare

The latest news in audiology for children and adults are published periodically by our Clinician.

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Can Your Child Hear?

If you’re concerned about your child’s hearing ability, the first port of call should be a screening hearing test and…

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Hearing Milestones

The guidelines below are designed to help you determine whether your child has hearing problems. It is important to keep…

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